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Humphrey Booth Resource Centre, 16 Worsley Road, Swinton, M27 5WW
Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

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June Smith

I don’t know what happened to April, but here we are at the end of May so I will recap on our events from my last post.

April has seen a very busy month with 55/60 people coming to sing with us every week. It is wonderful watching every one arrive. As requested they leave their worries in the carpark and enter to a warm and welcoming reception. Our Meeters and Greeters are on hand to ensure everyone gets seated and has a drink or whatever they require. Our singing session starts at 11am and then everyone is transformed into the land of song and happiness. We have had our usual mixtures of entertainers with Bridie doing 2/3 sessions and Music in Hospitals doing 2. Everyone brings their own style to the group so there is never a dull moment. On April 23rd we had our Carer’s treat day . Phil Austin of Monton Lighthouse fame gave us a hilarious but very interesting talk on how he built the Lighthouse some 30 miles inland.

We then has a delicious afternoon tea prepared and served by our superb “Ladies of the Kitchen”. Everyone was relaxed, chatty and enjoyment. All was eaten and most folk went home with a plate of goodies for their tea.

Diane & I hope that these treats for our Carers make them feel valued and appreciated. They are the most wonderful group of Carers, and we love supporting them.

WE are busy trying to spread the word about our group both on Facebook and Twitter. If you see our page then please do forward it on to everyone.


June Smith

Today our Entertainers were The Retrosettes. Always popular, 67 people joined us for a morning of song and fun. Everyone contibutes in their own special way. We have ‘Stars” within the group, who always do something, and it is good that they feel so relaxed within the group that they are able to do so. it all adds to the FUN element of the entertainment. Thanks to our loyal supporters we are able to provide a totally free service to Dementia people , their Carers and also past Carers. Once a Carer always a Carer, so it is very important that we continue to support them and appreciate their valued contribution to the group.

We always use Professional Entertainers who are used to working with Dementia. Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be referred, just turn up and enjoy all we have to offer. Many stay on to lunch, thus enjoying a chat and the excellent food produced by our Super ladies who cook. Their soup is to die for!

Our New Volunteers

June Smith

Friends of mine, Christine and Mario, aka The Handyman team, wanted to help the group.. They have kindly offered their time and skills to help one of our Dementia people, by undertaking to do any odd jobs which would make them happy. They will decorate a room, do the garden, house clean or whatever needs doing. If they decorate they will move the furniture out , decorate and then put it all back as required.. The same with the garden. To give everyone a fair chance we had a free raffle, and Joyce was our first winner. She has chosen to have her garden given a make over.

This wonderful act of kindness is greatly appreciated by myself. Time is such a valuable assett, there is never enough of it . They are going to do this twice a year for the group, so huge thank you from everyone. You are both STARS..


June Smith

FEBRUARY IS FLYING PAST FAR TOO QUICKLY.. We all wonder where Time goes> Have they shortened the week or is someone pushing the hands on the clock tiogo faster? I have my own theory, Do You?

Today our entertainers were The Springboxes, aka Holly & Michael. We had a wonderful morning of song.

It is a moving and rewarding experience to watch the music work it’s magic. 58 people had a ball. 30 stayed on for lunch and enjoyed the delicious food prepared by our Culinary Experts Yvonne, Tina and Anne.

We have been lucky enough to win the Heart of Salford Award for best Small Community Group. The competition is very strong so I was more than happy to accept the award on behalf of the group.

We have the programme planned for the year and it is a full and exciting one. Lots of events are coming up and we continue to provide a varied programme of entertainment and fun.

Do come and join us if you would like to be part of this wonderful group of lovely, warm and caring people.

December News

June Smith

Hectic time at the Hub…….we are looking forward to the Xmas Party on the 19th of December at Humphrey Booth.

The Retrosets will be singing great songs, 24 Xmas hamper give-away, free raffle at our Xmas Party - don’t miss it!!

  1. Our party is December 19th. We are all getting excited and hoping it all goes according to plan, and that the weather is kind to us.

The plans for 2019 entertainment are all in place. We are having some great entertainers coming to lead the Singing and make the music work. We shall be having the usual Carer’s Treat Events which are always well attended. We look forward to another great year.

July News

June Smith

In June we held our AGM.  We do encourage as many people as possible to attend as this is an  opportunity for them to contribute to the running of the group.. We do welcome all contributions. This year some 20 people attended.  There was a lot of discussion on what events we might hold,but most were not feasible due mainly to Health and Safety regulations. Diane distributed copies of our accounts which enables everyone to see how the money raised is spent.  It was agreed that as everything is progressing well, we should just continue with the same programme.

On June 18th was Carer's day and everyone got a beautiful geranium to mark the day.  We gave away 80 in total. This superb plants will last a good 2-3 years if well looked after.

June 27th was our Carer's Cream Tea Day.  25 people came and we had lovely afternoon. My very good friends Rosana and Alex came to show us how to use Modern Calligraphy and how we could then apply that skill into making lovely cards.  It was good to see 25 women all silently concentrating   on what they were doing.  Yvonne and her team then served us all with a most delicious Cream Tea which we all enjoyed, and everyone went home with a 'Goodie bag", and a smile their face.

We are now into July.  Our varied programme  of entertainment continues.  We are hoping to hold a Grand Tombola in early October to raise funds towards our Christmas Hampers.  We give 12 away at our party in December.  It will all soon be here!!!

April News

June Smith

We have been most fortunate to be chosen as one of the recipients of in-coming Ceremonial Mayor of Salford,  Cllr. Ronnie Wilson's, charity. We are extremely thrilled to have been chosen and we look forward to a year of fundraising.. An added bonus for me is that it gives us an opportunity to promote our work, and for our group to become better known to a greater number of people.  Sadly the number of Dementia people does not diminish. With improved diagnostic methods, numbers increase, as do the numbers of people who become Carers,  and find their lives changed forever. Carers of Dementia people are amazing.  They need support and that is what we offer in our group. WE support them in every way we can.  To do this we need funds, so it wonderful to be chosen by Cllr. Wilson. 

Our free Legal Advice clinic continues to be popular.. I have had excellent feedback from the many who have benefitted from Nicola's helpful advice.  This clinic is open to anyone. You do not have to be member of our group to avail yourself of this facility. If you know anyone who would benefit then please do send them along. 

We continue to have on-going events . Coming up are Cream Teas with specialist Speaker. Carers Day, Tombola, and AGM.  Never a dull moment.

Our Entertainers continue to give much pleasure and enjoyment. Each offer different genres and different musical instruments, BUT all give us fun, good singing and much laughter.  That is what we are all about.. 50+ people join with us to ensure this happens every week. You are all most welcome to join in the fun and forget your worries and be stress free for a few hours. 




June Smith

We are back to meeting weekly, and 54 people came last week...Whilst it was good to have a week off, I for one am pleased to be back.I miss the group as they are an important part of my life.  The year ahead will be fun.. We have artistes booked for every week and there will be other treats planned in throughout the year. I look forward to it all.  We continue to offer a totally free service.  We also have free Legal Advice given every week by Nicola.  This is a brilliant service, as it is there on the spot advice.  Often the thought of visiting a Solicitor can be off- putting, but with Nicola there on the spot, it is all so easy.

June Smith

December 2017....Another year has flown past..It has been a good year for the group. We meet every Wednesday,some 50 people come together to sing, reminisce,chat to friends old and new and enter into all activities that go on within the group.  We have grown enormously over the 8 years we have been going.  Sadly we have lost some of our dear friends, but others join the group and receive support and so we carry on.  We have changed our modus operanti this year.  We now have professional entertainers every week.. Each bring their own special talents and instruments to the group, so we have something different most weeks.  We are a very interactive group.  Everyone has something to give and they are encouraged to join in.. It is a very emotional experience for everyone when we see someone singing perhaps only a few words, when they may not have spoken or communicated in a long time.  It is the music and the atmosphere. Music enters the crevices of our soul, and releases the spirit of us all. 

December 20th our end of year Christmas party.  Everyone looks forward to it.  We have a ball..WE have 12 hampers to give away in our free raffle.  Thank you all who have contributed.   Your help and support is very much appreciated.

We are back on January 4th 2018.  Our young friends The Retrosettes are our entertainers.. They will set the year off with an energetic performance.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.  Enjoy it all.  Another bright and enjoyable year of fun and entertainment awaits...



January... saw 30 Carersenjoying a variety of treatments at a local beauty parlour. It was our Christmas treat for them.  Our 2 male Carers were given a meal for two at a local restaurant.  Everyone enjoyed the treat.

It is our experience that Carers rarely treat themselves. This is our way of making them know they are ‘special’.

We plan a repeat session later in the year.


February... Our Carers enjoyed “The Downton Experience” 

40 people enjoyed a Cream Tea at Humphrey Booth.  Our speaker gave an interesting and amusing insight into his 35 yearsas a Butler.  We also had free raffle and everyone went home with an Easter Bunny.

At these events we see everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves in the happy and welcoming atmosphere.


March... We are all enjoying the talents of many different artistes as we are holding auditions for Music in Hospitals.

Brian continues to be our mainstay for Singing, but new talent brings in new voices, new repertoires and a variety of instruments.  it all adds to the enjoyment of the session.


April... sees The talented Heather Phoenix come to sing for us. This is always a fun session and very popular.


June 8th... Starts Carer’s week….We give all our Carers a beautiful plant, usually a geranium, which shows our awareness of the wonderful care they give .  I order 80 plants, so everyone is recognised.


August… A repeat of The Downton Experience with tea and cakes, and our Speaker return to continue his with his life Story.

A great afternoon was enjoyed by everybody. 33 people enjoyed an excellent cream tea & were delighted with their prizes and gifts.

SpringBoxes entertain for us on August 26th - we look forward to exciting music & a morning of fun and excellent singing!



.September 9th...Auditions with Music in Hospitals. This has been an excellent morning.  We had 3 different auditions, with each group bringing a different set of songs , different instruments  and a different style of music.  There was excellent interaction between the groups and our audience.  All the feedback was positive.   We look forward to them performing for us again.                                           On Sept 16th....Heather Phoenix sings.....September 30th..Two Man/ One Man Band return to do a full morning for us.  Our numbers are increasing.  It is good to see new dementia people coming with Carers to enjoy singing and all that goes with it.  My friends at Apple continue to help on a voluntary basis which is wonderful.  Their help is much appreciated.

Matthew & Laurence from Two Man-One Man Band gave everyone a fantastic morning of entertainment. It was non stop fun for an hour. The response from our audience was amazing. Proof indeed that Where words fail..Music Speaks.  We look forward to their next visit in November.  Thanks lads for a brilliant session.

October 28th...Glynn Morris gave us a wonderful morning of song.  He was sporting a lovely new waistcoat. very eye-catching. he was accompanied by Lauren Gibbered.  Thanks for an enjoyable morning


November... Beauty Parlour treats are planned.I have given out 30 invites up to now and Carers are really enjoying this treat. 

Two Man-One Man Band, aka  Matthew & Laurence, gave us another great morning of entertainment. Their energy knows no bounds.


December...Carols on 9th, and Christmas Party on 16th, when as always Margaret Ferguson comes to sing for us. 

We will be having our usual games and raffles,plus loads of fun and frivolity.



EBRUARY  2016...

saw us having a Where has the year gone?  January has passed me by.  We are now marching forward into a fully packed and exciting programme of events.  Our Carers are all enjoying the Christmas treat of a fully packed session in our local Beauty Parlour.  For many it is the only bit of respite and self indulgence they may get.  Feedback has been excellent, and we are thrilled that it has been successful.

We continue to employ Entertainers from  Music in Hospitals. They bring different instruments, different songs and add an extra dimension to our work. Within the group we have several people who now have a 'regular spot' in the morning entertainment. 

Basil aged 92 writes and sings his own music, David plays the Piccolo,  Elsie and Eddie also sing for us, and lead the group in a song from an old Musical.  It all adds to the enjoyment .  


APRIL 2016

APRIL 7th  saw us having a Cream Tea for our Carers.  36 people attended . Father Michael Burgess waster speaker..  His talk was about Weddings.  Known for his ability to give very humorous talks, today was no exception.  Everyone was laughing.  Laughter like music takes us out of ourselves.  It allows us to forget our worries and stresses and just enjoy the moment.  It was wonderful to see and hear the laughter.  Everyone then enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea.  A big thank you to Tina & Janet for their hard work in preparing it all.

Brian continues to entertain us all every week, ably helped by his Back Up Group (they comprise our volunteers).. Last week he and Elsie (aged 92)  gave us a hilarious rendition of "He is just my Bill"  .On Wednesday April 27th. we have guest singers to sing for us. They are new to our group but will bring new songs and a different atmosphere to the day. 


November 16th 2016

My apologies for not keeping the page updated But.......I will not bore you with my reasons....We are still a strong group with approx. 50+ people attending every week.  Today we had a guest entertainer,  Peter Kowuri...accordionist and singer.. We all enjoyed his songs which are different plus the accordion gives a different slant on the music.. 

We are coming up to The Festive Season soon.. Where does the time go? We have Christmas Carols on December 7th.  This is always enjoyable as it starts the festive feeling...December 14th is our Christmas Party... The Charleston Charlies are entertaining us this year so we expect lots of frivolity as well as very good singing..There will be free raffles, lots of fun and laughter and a lovely buffet... it is our last meeting for the year .  We resume again on Wednesday January 4th 2017, when we look forward to another successful year.


December 14th 2016

We have completed the has been a good one..We have new people to join the group and sadly we have lost some of our much loved members as well.  They shall never forgotten.  Our party was great, excellent entertainment with Eunice giving us her own rendition of Danny Boy.  It brings tears to the eye.  Carers are having their beauty treatments in time for Christmas and loving it, and that is what it is all about. Next year promises to be good with plans for different events in place.  I thank everyone who has supported us throughout the year. I could not manage without the love, help and support from everyone. I am greatly indebted to all who help in any way at all.  It is greatly appreciated by me.  I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and may 2017 bring you all Good Health, Happiness and Joy.....WE are back unharness on January 4th 2017... Looking forward to it..

February 23rd 2017...I cannot believe where the time has gone... So far the year has gone well.. Sadly we have lost some our much loved friends ,but new people join to sing with us and enjoy all our facilities.. We have a full programme planned for the year ahead which keeps me busy.  Our many friends continue to support  us and for thisI am eternally grateful.  We need this support to continue with all we do. The City Mayor is due to visit on March 1st.. I feel it is important that the people who run the City are aware of we small groups who do such good work within the City and most times without recognition.  I hope we are all in good voice that day!!  I hope to post another entry soon, so keep watching..

JUNE 22nd

Today was Carer's day treat day.  We had a wonderful Flower Demonstration plus a delicious Cream Tea.  Kathleen Williams did the demonstration, and kept us all laughing with a running commentary on how she became a flower arranger.  It was so rewarding to see everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves.  The afternoon tea was delicious, and most people went home with plate of goodies.  We continue to Sing every Wednesday.. About 50+ people attend every week.  Many extend their respite morning by staying on for lunch.  We now have a resident Solicitor who attends every week to give free advice to anyone who needs it. This is proving to be an excellent service and we are grateful to Nicola for providing it.  Jane and Mike have joined our band of volunteer entertainers and come once a month .We are using more people from Music in Hospitals who bring a different slant to the morning.  We continue to be a totally free service offering many facilities to all who attend. If you have dementia or care for someone who does then please come along and join in the fun..Next week is our AGM.. so more to follow.

January 8th...2018

We are back to meeting weekly, and 54 people came last week...Whilst it was good to have a week off, I for one am pleased to be back.

I miss the group as they are an important part of my life.  The year ahead will be fun.. We have artistes booked for every week and there will be other treats planned in throughout the year. I look forward to it all.  We continue to offer a totally free service.  We also have free Legal Advice given every week by Nicola.  This is a brilliant service, as it is there on the spot advice.  Often the thought of visiting a Solicitor can be off- putting, but with Nicola there on the spot, it is all so easy.