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Humphrey Booth Resource Centre, 16 Worsley Road, Swinton, M27 5WW
Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

0161 788 9053



June Smith

FEBRUARY IS FLYING PAST FAR TOO QUICKLY.. We all wonder where Time goes> Have they shortened the week or is someone pushing the hands on the clock tiogo faster? I have my own theory, Do You?

Today our entertainers were The Springboxes, aka Holly & Michael. We had a wonderful morning of song.

It is a moving and rewarding experience to watch the music work it’s magic. 58 people had a ball. 30 stayed on for lunch and enjoyed the delicious food prepared by our Culinary Experts Yvonne, Tina and Anne.

We have been lucky enough to win the Heart of Salford Award for best Small Community Group. The competition is very strong so I was more than happy to accept the award on behalf of the group.

We have the programme planned for the year and it is a full and exciting one. Lots of events are coming up and we continue to provide a varied programme of entertainment and fun.

Do come and join us if you would like to be part of this wonderful group of lovely, warm and caring people.