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Humphrey Booth Resource Centre, 16 Worsley Road, Swinton, M27 5WW
Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

0161 788 9053



June Smith

Today our Entertainers were The Retrosettes. Always popular, 67 people joined us for a morning of song and fun. Everyone contibutes in their own special way. We have ‘Stars” within the group, who always do something, and it is good that they feel so relaxed within the group that they are able to do so. it all adds to the FUN element of the entertainment. Thanks to our loyal supporters we are able to provide a totally free service to Dementia people , their Carers and also past Carers. Once a Carer always a Carer, so it is very important that we continue to support them and appreciate their valued contribution to the group.

We always use Professional Entertainers who are used to working with Dementia. Everyone is welcome. You do not need to be referred, just turn up and enjoy all we have to offer. Many stay on to lunch, thus enjoying a chat and the excellent food produced by our Super ladies who cook. Their soup is to die for!