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Humphrey Booth Resource Centre, 16 Worsley Road, Swinton, M27 5WW
Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

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June Smith

I don’t know what happened to April, but here we are at the end of May so I will recap on our events from my last post.

April has seen a very busy month with 55/60 people coming to sing with us every week. It is wonderful watching every one arrive. As requested they leave their worries in the carpark and enter to a warm and welcoming reception. Our Meeters and Greeters are on hand to ensure everyone gets seated and has a drink or whatever they require. Our singing session starts at 11am and then everyone is transformed into the land of song and happiness. We have had our usual mixtures of entertainers with Bridie doing 2/3 sessions and Music in Hospitals doing 2. Everyone brings their own style to the group so there is never a dull moment. On April 23rd we had our Carer’s treat day . Phil Austin of Monton Lighthouse fame gave us a hilarious but very interesting talk on how he built the Lighthouse some 30 miles inland.

We then has a delicious afternoon tea prepared and served by our superb “Ladies of the Kitchen”. Everyone was relaxed, chatty and enjoyment. All was eaten and most folk went home with a plate of goodies for their tea.

Diane & I hope that these treats for our Carers make them feel valued and appreciated. They are the most wonderful group of Carers, and we love supporting them.

WE are busy trying to spread the word about our group both on Facebook and Twitter. If you see our page then please do forward it on to everyone.